Creativity Workshops

Summer Creativity Studios are here!

This summer, Tue-Fri, Zeum will offer daily arts, technology and design based workshops that introduce principles of creativity, design thinking and innovation.

Week of August 1-5

Mystery Box Challenge

Week of July 25-29

3D Space

Week of July 18-22

Squishy Circuits

Week of July 11 – July 15

Big Picture Workshop

Week of June 27- July 1

Thaumatrope Workshop


“A thaumatrope is a toy that was popular in Victorian times. A disk or card with a picture on each side is attached to two pieces of string. When the strings are twirled quickly between the fingers the two pictures appear to combine into a single image due to persistence of vision.” [ From Wikipedia]

Previous Zeum Workshops

The Zeum Education team is constantly testing out new ideas for activities and challenges, and what better audience to help us test them than our visitors?  Our Weekend workshop series has offered a wide range of programming- from building 5 foot tall towers out of index cards to making space stations out of cardboard.  Check out some of the creativity our visitors shared with us…

Intergalactic Cardboard workshop!

Intergalactic cardboard workshop, Week 1

Loom/Weaving workshop led by Ava

House of Cards!

House of Cards continued...


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