Intern Program

Our Education Interns play a key role in our museum, from developing new curriculum and workshops to running our field trip programming. Check out this amazing documentary about our Summer Internship program, developed by one of our interns, Michael Maldonado. 

Click here for blog posts about the internship program.

Check out the Creativity Studios developed and facilitated by our summer interns last year.

Intern Projects

Scratch Foam Block Printing

Foam Block Printing
Using Scratch foam and paint, visitors made unique prints.

Making Musical Instruments

A workshop for our younger visitors, participants were asked to create musical instruments from various objects such as toilet paper tubes and coffee lids.

Cardboard Cityscape

This was a prototype exhibit concept in which visitors were invited to play in our cardboard cityscape of SF, then build their own house or landmark out of cardboard boxes and add it to the ever growing city!

QR Treasure Hunt

Our Creativity Fellow Lucelia has been working hard to develop a QR code based treasure hunt that allows visitors to build their own narrative around the Zeum experience.  Scanning the codes leads to a series of clues and challenges that take place in every exhibit space.

Mystery Box Challenge

3D Space

Squishy Circuits

Big Picture Workshop

Thaumatrope Workshop

“A thaumatrope is a toy that was popular in Victorian times. A disk or card with a picture on each side is attached to two pieces of string. When the strings are twirled quickly between the fingers the two pictures appear to combine into a single image due to persistence of vision.” [ From Wikipedia]

Critter Kingdom

Critter Kingdom

Similar to our Mystery Box challenge, visitors were asked to create different places for our critters to sing, dance, play, eat, etc. in our Critter Kingdom.


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