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Introduction to the Digital Zine Field Trip

How can you connect your trip to classroom curriculum? Below are some ideas to inspire you.

Language Arts: Pick a story that you read as a class. One group could write and illustrate their own short story in a style similar to the author’s while another could rearrange the original text to create their own original poem.

Science: Think about your most recent chemistry experiment. One group could create a page featuring original song lyrics about the scientific method while another could create a classified ad for the periodic table of elements.

Mathematics: Explore math from a new perspective. How would you create an illustration or comic based on the quadratic equation?

History: Explore a historical event from a variety of different angles. One group could create an illustration and biography of a prominent figure, while another could feature a poem written from the point of view of that same figure.

What are some other ways in which you can prepare for this field trip in the classroom?

1. Have your students research zines and the history of zines. Zines have a long history and lots of interesting information is out there. For example, here is a short article on the history of zines: http://zinebook.com/resource/heath.html.

2. Who can find the strangest zine topic? (be careful! there are some zines out there which may not be appropriate for kids) How about this one:

Subway Surfer
A zine about subway surfers, young men who ride the subway in New York and attempt to remain standing through all the bumps and curves without hanging on to anything.

3. Students can hand draw their pages beforehand. If they have a layout plan before coming to CCM, it’s much easier when they sit down at the computer and start doing the digital designing.


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