examples After Your Trip...

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What are some ways you can prepare for your field trip in the classroom?

In the Creative Triple Play,  students will be given design challenges in different spaces and will be working with time constraints. It’s a fast-paced field trip and to get students warmed up, think about giving them some design challenges to spark their creativity and get them comfortable with the process.

Ex. Give the students two objects, such as a toaster and a parachute. In 10 minutes, how many inventions can they create? When the toast pops up, it parachutes down to your plate! What other wild and crazy ideas can they come up with?

Some other ideas specific to the exhibit spaces

Music Studio:
1. Have students look at the San Francisco Symphony’s music learning website: sfskids.org
They can study instruments, the creation of sound, and mix their own music together.

Animator’s Studio:
1. Watch “The Dot and the Line”, an animated short where the leading characters are literally a dot and a line. Students can learn that even a dot or a line (or a blob) can have a lot of personality and can tell a story all on its own.

Or, get the book!

2. Are you reading a book in class? Why not build characters from that book? Or, if you want your students to have the freedom to build whatever character they want, have them complete the character sketch beforehand.

Design Studio:
1. Check out some of the scratch videos made by kids: scratch.mit.edu

2. What are you currently studying in class? Let us know if you want to create a digital design project, such as a bookmark or bookcover, about a certain topic.

3. If you’re going to be doing  a Photoshop Mash-Up, have students complete an exquisite corpse activity beforehand. The mash-up is based on this game developed by the surrealists and it will give students an idea of what to expect. http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/5619


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