Creative Combo Field Trips

In the Creative Combo, students will engage with two of our most popular exhibit spaces –Animation Studio, Music Studio, Design Studio or the Innovation Lab. Guided by our professional Educators and Education Interns, your students will be encouraged to explore their creative process while learning stop motion animation skills, producing a music video or taking on media-based challenges in Photoshop or Scratch. When signing up, you will choose 2 out of our 4 most popular exhibit spaces.

1. Animation Studio: Students create a blob animation, learning the principles of storytelling and stop-motion animation. (2nd grade and up)

2. Music Studio: Students work in groups to create their own music video. They choose their song, put on costumes and work together on their choreography. A great introduction to green screen technology. (2nd grade and up)

3. Intro to Programming: Students will be introduced to the principles of programming and game development using Tynker, an online learning platform created specifically for kids. (3rd grade and up)

4. Innovation Lab: Students work together to solve challenges using mystery materials. A great way to practice collaboration and creative problem solving. (2nd grade and up)


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