examples After Your Trip...

Click here for General Field Trip Introduction Video (opens a new window)

Introduction to the Clay Animation Field Trip

How can you connect your trip to classroom curriculum? Below are some ideas for inspiration.

Language Arts: Adapt a 10-second version of a chapter from a novel or a scene from a play.
: Visually illustrate the characteristics and movement of the solar system or relationships among organisms in the food chain.
: Create a story about time and how it is measured or problems involving units of measurement.
: Create a clay retelling of major scientific, medical, and technological advances or global influences on the environment.

What are some other ways you could prepare for the field trip in your classroom?

1. Students can create their own backgrounds for their movies.
2. Have groups create their storyboards and character sketches.
3. Watch some examples from previous classes to get some ideas and see what to expect.
4. Review the 12 Principles of Animation (for older students): Principals of Animation
Watch a short animation film. Can the students identify all 12 principles of animation?
5. To learn how small movements are put together to make a fluid motion, have students physically demonstrate the action of walking. Can groups line up demonstrating different stages of a step?

Source: http://www.devilsgarage.com


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