Clay Animation Field Trips: Classic and Deluxe

examples Before Your Trip... After Your Trip...

Students learn the basics of stop-motion animation in this project-based workshop. Groups design their own clay characters and then produce a short animated film using multimedia tools.

Before and during the visit, students engage in each step of the process, from developing a story concept, to sculpting clay characters, to filming a stop motion animation movie.

The clay animation workshop develops literacy and math skills through storytelling and sequencing, and emphasizes creativity, communication, patience and cooperation.

The animation activity can be adapted to almost any classroom curriculum and provides an engaging learning platform to explore a wide array of topics. For example, students can animate a scene from a play or novel, represent a scene from history, or illustrate a scientific discovery.

Classic Clay Animation Field Trip (Tuesdays): Students build clay characters and create a stop-motion animation using Istopmotion. Sound is not added.

Clay Animation Deluxe (Wednesday – Friday): Students create blob animations using Istopmotion and then add sound effects in our Design Studio using Garage Band.

Click the links above to see examples or learn more about connecting this field trip to your classroom.

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