Before your field trip…

Before coming to the Children’s Creativity Museum for your field trip, be sure to watch this short introduction video so you know what to expect when you arrive.

How can you connect your trip to your classroom curriculum? Below are some ideas, specific to each field trip, to inspire you.

History/Social Studies: Compose a song about current events, prominent/significant individuals, or gender roles across the globe.

Language Arts: Adapt a chapter from a novel, a scene from a play, or a student-written creative story into a ballad.

Science: Create a theme song about biological processes, global warming, the food web, or ecological forces.

Mathematics: Turn a geometric proof into a punk rock anthem.

Language Arts: Pick a story that you read as a class. One group could write and illustrate their own short story in a style similar to the author’s while another could rearrange the original text to create their own original poem.

Science: Think about your most recent chemistry experiment. One group could create a page featuring original song lyrics about the scientific method while another could create a classified ad for the periodic table of elements.

Mathematics: Explore math from a new perspective. How would you create an illustration or comic based on the quadratic equation?

History: Explore a historical event from a variety of different angles. One group could create an illustration and biography of a prominent figure, while another could feature a poem written from the point of view of that same figure.

Language Arts: Adapt a 10-second version of a chapter from a novel or a scene from a play.

Science: Visually illustrate the characteristics and movement of the solar system or relationships among organisms in the food chain.

Mathematics: Create a story about time and how it is measured or problems involving units of measurement.

History: Create a clay retelling of major scientific, medical, and technological advances or global influences on the environment.

Coming Soon…
This video is an example of an interdisciplinary work created by elementary school students. Produced by a group of 5th graders from Niles Elementary in Fremont, CA, it retells the Greek myth of Cygnus, while tying it to the heavens and his corresponding constellation. With the guidance of a Zeum Educator and through the course of the two-hour experience, this group made extensive strides tying setting and narrative with complex animation techniques to concisely and successfully retell this ancient story.

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