After Your Field Trip…

Want to continue using the skills, vocabulary and programs you learned at CCM in your classroom? Below are some suggestions, specific to each field trip, to help you.

Try BoinxTV in the classroom to create your own tv and film productions: your own photos or videos to use as backgrounds.

Download ACID Xpress, a free, loop-based music software similar to Super Duper Music Looper.

Build your own green screen:

Use Photoshop Elements in your school:

Experiment with Sumo Paint: Sumo Paint is a free, web-based, image editor with tools very similar to Photoshop Elements:

Create a physical zine:

Take your video a step further:

o Add titles and special effects using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

o Add sound effects and a score using Garageband or Acid Music Studio.

Create your own simple animation machines:
o Flipbooks:
o Thaumatropes:
o Zoetropes:

Create an animation with iStopmotion:We use iStopmotion to create our animations at the Children’s Creativity Museum. Learn more about curriculum connections and purchasing educational licenses here:

For a list of the types of cameras supported by iStopmotion look here:

Don’t want to build characters out of clay? Try these alternatives:
o Legos/other toys
o Paper/magazine cutouts
o People (Known as “pixilation” use your students as the actors in your animation and use the same frame-by-frame filmmaking process you would with clay)

Mystery Box challenge: Introduce your students to one of our most popular creativity studios, the Mystery Box Challenge! Have students draw a challenge out of a hat (example: Build a hat for a shark) and they will have 30 minutes to complete that task using only the materials provided.

Play the game that inspired our Photoshop Mash-up activity and was popularized by the Surrealists – The Exquisite Corpse:

Download Scratch for free and create your own animations, or interactive games:


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