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In our Imagination Lab, children are encouraged to IMAGINE an idea and then…

Move It A space where children can experiment with green screen sets and chroma-key techniques to superimpose digital backgrounds and create special effects like flying. At Move It they can use their whole body to create the effect.
Build It An immersive building area with a combination of soft blocks, wooden blocks, Magformers, and a fort building area with a large wooden structure that houses the interactive elements.
Act It  A dress up studio with various costumes, a puppet theater, disco balls, and mirrors to encourage make believe play and storytelling.
Snap It An introduction to stop motion animation. This is also a parallel play area outside of Animator’s Studio designed for younger visitors to begin understanding the filming aspect of that space. Using flat objects and 3-D objects, visitors can record each shot while moving the objects one frame at a time. Hit play and watch the objects move before your eyes.
Dream It A space for our youngest visitors and their families to take a break, reflect, and refresh for the next activity. There are bookshelves filled with early childhood books and soft furniture if visitors want a quieter space for “story time”.
Sculpt It A parallel play area outside of the Animator’s Studio designed especially for our youngest visitors. There are three activity tables and a wooden “food truck” where kids are able to make clay food and make believe that they are serving it to their friends.

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