Raising Stations (Part 2)

At the Children’s Creativity Museum (www.creativity.org), we are helping shape the next generation of innovators, inventors, tinkerers, storytellers and artists- the leaders of the 21st Century.

At CCM, we don’t teach children a subject. Through art and technology, we teach them how to learn, to be confident in their creativity, to collaborate and communicate with one another. To do our job right, we have to stay up to date with cutting edge technology. We want to be able to expose ALL children to state of the art equipment in addition to our state of the art teaching. We need to modernize our Animation Studio and we need YOUR help!

In our Animation Studio, it can be a challenge to keep up with current technology, while also addressing the various needs of our visitors.

There are many details of our older Animation Stations that hinder the creative process of our visitors:

• Exposed wires, which can lead to tech problems

• No angle options with cameras

• Dependent on natural lighting

• Unstable backgrounds

• Tables take up a lot of space, are stationary, and are too high for our younger visitors

It’s heartbreaking to watch a child work for hours on a clay animation movie, only to see it lost when he or she accidentally kicks a wire.

Fortunately, our new Animation Station prototype has addressed all of these problems. The prototype has been on the museum floor for nearly 5 months now and the visitors and staff love it! The design features include:

No exposed wires.  All wires are contained inside of the station with only one access door, keeping it safer from kicks and pulls.

Formica top – Durable and easy to clean.  Children could take a hammer to it and it won’t dent or chip.

Keyboard drawer can support 150 lbs– Just in case!

LED lighting – Low energy lighting that will last and has very low heat output (children can’t burn themselves on the light).  The lighting can be used to light the stage if needed in case of low lighting due to decreased natural lighting (cloudy day, late afternoon, etc).  Also, clay characters will be easier to see.

Portable – Everything is attached to and contained in each station with only one power plug coming out of the back.  This way the station can be unplugged and moved with a dolly to any space in the museum, allowing MORE children to access it.

• Smaller –  The station is smaller so that it can be easily used by our target audience for clay animation (6-12 years old), but also accessible for adults.

Backdrops – Backdrops can easily slide in and out so visitors can change scenes.  It also allows them to incorporate their background without it falling over.

Durable Materials – The station is made of a lightweight cabinet wood.  This makes it affordable, durable and easily transportable.

We Need Your Help!

Our prototype can currently host 4-5 kids at a time. Our goal is to upgrade all of our Animation Stations so that we can offer more children and families the opportunity to create together.

We need your support to help us reach our goal. If you’d like to make a donation please click here.


Thank you for your support and stay tuned for updates!


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