The Making of “Making Creativity”

by Eli Africa

On October 15, 2011 Zeum reopened as Children’s Creativity Museum. The museum staff and community undertook this creative risk fueled by our collective passion for the 3Cs of 21st-century skills – creativity, communication, and collaboration. Our former Director of Experience and Community Engagement, Irina Zadov, and I sat down and decided to produce a video that captured the behind-the-scenes thoughts of the Children’s Creativity Museum staff and community partners about the museum’s transformation. Keeping in mind the  museum’s motto “Imagine, Create, Share”, Irina came up with questions that we would later ask people to answer candidly in front of a video camera. Having archived media throughout the years for the museum and after the initial re-branding, it was a challenge for me to imagine how everything could come together to help tell the story of “Making Creativity”.

After a week of scheduled interviews, approximately two hours of
recorded footage were to be edited down to bite size essential nuggets. It was expected that there would be similar responses to the questions asked, so after listening to everyone’s answers, each individual voice was juxtaposed to weave in and out to create a singular story starting and finishing each person’s thoughts.

The creative process of making the “Making Creativity” video was such a rush of uncertainty and excitement. Asking the right questions were key to getting people to talk and think as a culture, as an organization and as individuals. As a collaborative story, it hopefully speaks as a living and growing testament to what can be done with limited time and resources when you nurture creativity and embrace it as your core.



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