From audience to idea: rapid prototyping in action

As a true believer in co-creation, I’ve been doing everything in my power to encourage our Creative Community Council members to blog about their experiences. However, I realize that a full-fledged post is a lot to ask of high school seniors, parents and community advocates so instead we tried a mad lib.
Today we…
  • Did the Mystery Box Challenge, brainstormed ways to find solutions to our Point of Views, chose our favorite ideas and presented it in a skit
  • Created our prototyping for the specific age groups/families as a way to put our top choices to the test
  • Came up with some great ideas on how to better reach children in our age group

The process was…

  • Really great, in our groups we cam up with so many different ideas to reach out to the community, things I never would have thought of on my own
  • One that allowed us to think about how to engage our target population and advertise our prototyping
  • Creative, inspirational, and fun

I liked…

  • Brainstorming, watching the skits, the warm-up, the grapes!
  • The active participation and stretching exercise
  • Making the skit
  • Coming up with a lot of ideas, narrowing them down, and creating a presentation
  • I really enjoyed the different ways we shared ideas
  • Working with my group and getting inspired
  • Just having fun and playing

ImageI wish…

  • More group interaction, bring back the chips!
  • We had more time to prepare for the video
  • There were more grapes because they were delicious and helped revamp my brain after a long day of school
  • The mini-marathon would come to life. I would love to see it happen
  • There was more time to give feedback to other groups about their ideas

I wonder…

  • Which of our ideas will actually be implemented
  • About other ways to engage families through Facebook, Newsletters, and let them know what the CCM has to offer
  • Our idea would carry through and become a reality
  • What my families and children will think about our ideas
  • Where we’ll end up – it’s kinda fun not to know and trust that we’ll get there!!!

Check out the videos each of our groups developed to show off their initial prototypes! Over the next two weeks they will share them with the children and families as well as our staff for questions, ideas, and tips on how to make their prototypes into action plans! What advice do you have for our groups?

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