WanderMonster: Imagination Starters in action!

Here at Zeum, we talk a lot about the power of imagination starters in the creative process.  We have observed that if you give a child (or an adult!) a blank sheet of paper and ask them to draw something interesting, the vast expanse of white can be incredibly intimidating.  Furthermore, there is often a sense that as soon as you draw that first line on the page, you have ‘ruined’ the perfectly clean paper.  To counteract this, Zeum advocates building ‘imagination starters’ into activities that provide a prompt/launchpad for creative ideas.   These imagination starters might be a story prompt, the start of a sketch, or even modeling the activity to show kids how they might use the materials.

Our friends at Tinkerlab recently discovered an amazing real world example of imagination starters at play- check out Wandermonster and be inspired!


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